Science Laboratories

For primary and secondary education (years 6 – 18), Devotra can supply complete experimental laboratories covering the full range of science and technology subjects. These labs can be equipped with conventional teaching and learning recourses, such as laboratory equipment, demo units, sectioned models, etcetera. However most of the science and technology subjects are now also supported by ICT based learning programs, virtual laboratories, smart classrooms and e-learning. These are even available as a Mobile Science Cart that incorporates a series of digital presentation tools linked to an onboard computer. The inclusion of a digital camera and scientific image processing software allows the teacher to conduct experiments that are projected for whole-class viewing.

Science laboratories-Technology
• Ict
• Electrical
• Automotive
• Construction
• Mechanical
• Telecommunication
• Digital media design
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physics
• Laboratory equipment
• Earth
• Nature of science
• Mobile demonstrator