Modular solutions

These units can be supplied in 20-ft, 30-ft, 40-ft standard ISO dimensions or alternatively in any convenient dimension matching the project requirements. Various models are available and can be used as office, dormitory, classroom, canteen and sanitary units, etc. The combined models can be used for short term emergency field operations, as rapid response units but can also provide solutions with a more permanent character. The individual units can be positioned side by side, end to end or stacked on top of each other. It is possible to create any required floor space by removing or fitting outer wall panels and internal partitions. Our systems allows the units to be adapted to match all requirements of any location. Devotra also offers solutions for shelter and temporary housing. In addition we have developed a comprehensive concept for modular based community accommodations. This concept foresees in a fast track building solution to create fully self-supporting facilities (including renewable energy options) to serve small communities in remote areas. The concept document can be downloaded from our website.