For higher education projects Devotra provides the complete range of specialized equipment for Scientific demo and experimental laboratories. There is also a strong focus on STEM (science, technology engineering and mathematics) related subjects. All technology related subjects can be covered, but also the complete range of subjects related to Agriculture and the Services sector. Equipment can be supplied in the form of practical demo and experimental unit, but also in the form of so called Smart Classrooms with a high digital content creating a virtual and simulation type learning environment.

Complete training laboratories for
Engineering Training laboratory 1
• Science and technology
• Agricultural engineering
• Automotive engineering
• Civil engineering
• Chemical engineering
• Electrical engineering
• Ict and e-learning
• Mechanical engineering
• Oil and gas training
• Services sector
• Language training
• Health care
• Hotel and tourism
Complete training laboratories for
Engineering Training laboratory 2
• Automotive
• Building and construction
• Carpentry and joinery
• Electrical and electronics
• Forging and foundry
• Machining and fitting
• Plumbing and pipefitting
• Refrigeration
• Air-conditioning
• Surveying and measuring
• Welding and sheet metal
• Metrology
• Material testing