Devotra has an excellent network of international consultants and is in a position to provide their customers with a wide range of expertise related to training, education and human resource development in various sectors and at different levels. Specific expertise is also available for industrial related subjects and in the field of procurement. Expertise can be provided for private companies, local colleges, national entities and international organisations.

Education and training
• Training needs analyses
• Curriculum development
• Policy advice and design
• Qualification structures
• Technical assistance
• Development of education strategy
• Development of education systems
• Staff development
• Quality assurance systems
• Feasibility and appraisal studies
• Pre-investment studies
• Prototype design
• Quality improvement and control
• Workshop design and lay-out
• Production and maintenance protocols
• Factory automation
• Analyses of needs
• Procurement methods
• Preparation of tender documents
• Equipment specifications
• Evaluation of tenders
• Negotiation skills
• Contract preparation
• Contract monitoring