Vocational Training

Since 1994 Devotra has been worldwide heavily involved in any type of Vocational Education & Training (VET) project and throughout the years we have developed several project concepts for this particular sector. Nowadays Devotra can cover the requirements for any type of VET project including specialized projects that focus on training in the field of; technology (TVET), industry (TIVET), entrepreneurship (TEVET), agriculture (ATVET).

We cover all major technology areas, but are also in a position to offer solutions for the services sector like; hospitality, catering, tailoring, business, beauty and care.

Some project concepts that we have developed during the last years are:

  1. Establishment of Technical Teacher Training Colleges
  2. Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Technical Vocational Training Centres
  3. Upgrading of TVET institutes to Centres of Excellence
  4. Bridging the Skills Gap between training providers and labour market requirements
  5. Restructuring of Youth/Village Polytechnics
  6. Development of Skills for Employment and Entrepreneurship
  7. Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Agricultural Training Centres & Colleges
  8. Smart Classroom solutions for TVET related subjects