Under the Canadian Institutes Canada (CICan), Kenya for Employement Project (KEFEP), for which Devotra has been engaged as the Procurement and Supply Chain Consultant. The 10 National Polytechics (NP) in Kenya will receive specialized industry based training equipment.

Together with CICan partners each NP has developed specialized CBET curriculum with a focus on a specialization that will serve different industries in Kenya like: Dairy Production, Industrial Automation and Robotics, Construction, Agriculture, Hospitality, Automotive, Photovoltaics, Industrial Plant Operation and Management, etc.

The Kisumu National Polytechnic (TENP) will receive a unique Steam Boiler Turbine Training Plant for the newly developed CBET Curriculum “Industrial Plant Operation and Management. The whole plant is built as real operating plant with original industrial components and will be unique for the whole of Kenya. The whole plant has undergone very severe and strict quality and safety inspections by SGS and is now ready for shipment. The plant is expected to arrive at The Kisumu National Polytechnic by the mid May 2020, after which factory engineers will do the full installation and commissioning including the training of the Canadian and TENP teachers and technicians.