Practical Training Workshops

Devotra has a long term experience in supplying equipment for practical training equipment and complete workshops for a wide range of subjects related to vocational training. Since 1994 Devotra supplies complete workshops for technology related subjects under TVET programs and covers all major specialized areas. During the last years Devotra also developed complete equipment packages for Agricultural Vocational Training (ATVET) and for the services sector like; Hospitality, Tourism, Catering and specific women related subjects like; Garment making, Beauty and Care, Hairdressing, etc.. The equipment that we select is of the highest quality and we always look at a suitable match of what is actually used in real life.

Workshops for
Practical Training Workshops 2
• Agriculture
• Air-conditioning
• Audio/visual training
• Automotive
• Beauty & care
• Building and construction
• Carpentry and joinery
• Catering
• Chemistry
• E-learning
• Electrical and electronics
• Food production
• Forestry
• Forging and foundry
• Hairdressing
• Garment making
• Health care
• Hotel and tourism
• Ict and e-learning
Workshops for
Practical Training Workshops 1
• Industrial manufacturing
• Language training
• Legal and industrial metrology
• Machine tools
• Machining and fitting
• Material testing
• Mechanical
• Metallurgy and materials testing
• Metrology
• Oil and gas training
• Plumbing and pipefitting
• Process technology
• Refrigeration & air-conditioning
• Surveying and measuring
• Telecommunications
• Textile technology
• Water supply
• Welding and sheet metal