Mission-Vision 1Devotra BV together with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MoHEST) in Kenya implemented a feasibility study at 36 TTIs under the Dutch PESP programme which resulted in the development of the ORET project “Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Kenya Technical Teachers College (KTTC) and nine Regional Centres of Excellence”.
In July 2010 the project, with a total value of 14,9 MLN EURO, was declared effective by the Dutch Government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation) and the Kenyan Government. The Dutch and Kenyan Government signed a Grant Agreement for the implementation and financing of the project. The Dutch Government will contribute 7,2 MLN EURO (48% of the total project value) under the Dutch ORET Grant Facility. The remaining project financing is arranged by the Kenyan Government through a loan provided by a commercial bank and covered by Atradius (Dutch State Business Export Credit Insurance).

The objective of the project is to improve the Kenyan TIVET system. This will be done through the supply of equipment, tools, and training materials to KTTC and nine Technical Training Institutes (TTIs) and through the provision of Technical Assistance and Training. The project will rehabilitate the existing TIVET infrastructure and hardware and will upgrade Kenyan management, teaching staff, curricula and teaching methodologies. Although the project only covers 10 Technical Training Institutes, a spin-off will be created through the transfer of knowledge and expertise to the remaining 26 TTIs in Kenya.

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