On April 3rd and April 4th, Mr. David Hovanesian, responsible for Devotra’s Business Development, attended the 14th annual seminar on UN Procurement in New York City, hosted by the European Procurement Forum (EUPF). The purpose of this seminar was to give new and existing United Nations vendors an update of all relevant items related to the UN’s procurement.

Throughout the seminar, many insightful presentations were held by UN representatives of different organizations, alongside multiple workshops. Additionally, Devotra has once again had the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings with the World Bank, UNLB, UN/PD, UNOPS, and UNICEF to get informed on their newest developments and upcoming projects, as well as discuss the new expertise of Devotra. Devotra has actively been expanding its portfolio with solutions for persons with special needs, especially related to the TVET sector. With the growing demand for sustainable solutions in the sphere of inclusive technology, Devotra seeks to combine its new skillset with its history and experience in TVET projects. To follow up on this, Devotra will discuss upcoming projects in inclusive technology with several UN organizations based in numerous countries.