Smart classroom

After the visit of the Director TVET Kenya last year November a final project proposal was made for the implementation of the so called Smart Classroom project in Kenya. The original proposal was fine-tuned and brought up to date with new technologies such as; Rapid Prototyping, CNC simulation, Robotics, Renewable Energy Technologies, etc.. 10 TTI’s spread all over Kenya will receive state-of-the-art training equipment and software to create the classrooms of the future. A rich ICT environment with a focus on improving new technologies for TVET will be created. Whereby students will be able to experiment with new technologies by means of; exploring, simulations and practical exercises. The Smart Classroom will change students and teachers mind-sets and will bring innovation, spur creative and catalytic thinking, trigger students’ exploration skills, enhance problem-solving based learning, provide the opportunity to teach and learn design skills and act as an incubator for improving TVET. The design of the project combines the best and latest teaching approaches and technology from Europe, Asia and the U.S.A. and will provide Kenya with world-class learning facilities without any equivalents in the world.

More news on this project will follow soon.