Recently Devotra has signed the contract for the supply, delivery, installation, commissioning and training on the use and maintenance of building and civil engineering training equipment for Jeremiah Nyagah Technical Training Institute.

While preparing the procurement of the goods from our office in the Netherlands our local team has made a site survey to see the actual state of the workshops and to prepare for the new equipment. This contract consist of various tools and equipment in the workshops plumbing, carpentry, civil engineering. Furthermore there will be surveying and testing equipment and also some digital learning packages that need to be used in a regular classroom settings or laboratories.

Thorough cleaning is required here.

Obsolete equipment should be removed.

This room only needs some cleaning, minor touch up and preferably finishing and painting the walls.

We are planning the goods to arrive this summer in Kenya so the workshop could be ready for the new semester in September. In the meantime Jeremiah Nyagah Technical Training Institute can prepare the workshops for arrival of the equipment.

This room is suitable for the vulnerable and digital learning packages.

Only some cleaning and replacement of furniture is needed.

This workshop is a nice and spacious space that could accommodate the new equipment.